How To Overcome The Fear Of Aging

In the past, I never had much difficulty with age. Never worried about getting older and rarely gave it a thought. Then I had a certain birthday, which clearly indicated I was at midlife. I knew I was the same person but fear started to creep in around getting older which included financial security, health and even relationships. I let the number take control.

Then I read this quote from Marianne Williamson: “At midlife, you suddenly see an endgame where you used to see an endless stretch, and life was not going to go on forever.” I realized it was important to reflect and take inventory about what in my past served me and what didn’t. It was ok to spend time with the question, "How did I want to proceed?" I started to turn the fear of aging into excitement for the future. I have the opportunity to be the absolute best I can, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am able to take my wisdom, and give myself and others the respect and kindness we all deserve.

So, I am still jumping off rocks. They may not be as high, but it’s still happening, and I love it. I appreciate what I have and what I can still do. What is your version of aging? Whatever it is, don’t let fear stop you.

Change your thoughts. Change your life. At any point in time, you can reframe your future. Acknowledge your strengths. Take pride in what you did to overcome your challenges.