Tina Staley - Across the Web

Tina Staley is a Denver-based therapist, published author and clinical researcher. Her work has been featured across the world (and the web) in a multitude of articles, books and videos. Below you'll find a sampling of Tina's media, press and publications.

Tina Staley speaks at Aspen Ideas Festival’s Spotlight Health about how important it is to live better, not just longer. 


Tina featured on social workers speak

“What actually took them to a place of purpose was acts of kindness. Kindness to self, kindness to others and getting involved in the community.”

documentary: What love is

As shown on PBS World, this moving documentary (based on Tina's research at Duke University) shows how despair was turned into hope for 50 women with late-stage breast cancer. 

ted talk: The Perfect Last Day

Tina Staley speaks at TEDxAsheville about the importance of end-of-life planning and striving to have a "Perfect Last Day."

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TV Interview: news 14 carolina

News 14 Carolina’s Marti Skold spoke with Tina Staley about the evidence-based mindfulness curriculum Pillars4Life.

TV interview: Rocky Mountain PBS

Tina Staley was recently interviewed by Cynthia Hessin with Colorado State of Mind on Rocky Mountain PBS.

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TV Program Coverage: WRAL5

For many women, the challenges that come with a breast cancer diagnosis go far beyond the physical toll. However, Duke University Hospital has a program to help women and their families rediscover hope and inner peace.