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Denver counselor Tina Staley, LCSW has committed her life to helping others lead their lives from a place of kindness and an open heart. She genuinely believes that when we implement daily acts of kindness into our lives, we have more love for ourselves and others. Her transformational work and message of kindness will leave you wanting to be your greatest self.

Her widely-acclaimed program has been applied successfully across many mediums, such as:

  • General counseling for individuals and couples (available in-person in Denver and virtually nationwide)

  • Workshops and motivational speeches for some of the countries leading organizations (such as the National Institute of Health, Navy Special Warfare, Aspen Institute, Blue Ocean Enterprises, Duke Cancer Institute, Boys & Girls Club, Four Seasons Hospice & many more)

  • Cancer coaching for patients, caregivers and their families

  • End-of-life counseling for those facing one of the most challenging, thought-provoking and unknown times of our lives

Staley Motivates & Inspires at Aspen Ideas Festival 

Tina Staley speaks at Aspen Ideas Festival’s Spotlight Health about how important it is to live better, not just longer.

General Counseling

Tina is a Denver counselor who works with individuals and couples, in-person in Denver and virtually nationwide, to improve their lives and find hope during difficult times. 

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Workshops & Speeches

In Tina’s inspirational motivational speeches and interactive workshops, she creates a positive mindset for a kinder, more productive environment. 

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Cancer Coaching

Tina serves cancer patients, caregivers & their families as a cancer coach to navigate them through the medical system and their cancer journey, all while helping maintain the highest possible quality of life.

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Cancer Coach Tina Staley Featured in Award-Winning Documentary

Denver therapist Tina Staley was chosen to lead a study profiling 50 women with breast cancer over a two year journey that was chronicled into a moving, life-changing documentary called What Love Is: The Duke Pathfinders 50. The documentary highlights Staley’s impactful interaction alongside these brave women and their families as they develop skills essential to thrive in the face of their illness.


Who Does Tina Work With?

Tina works with a wide variety of corporations, organizations and groups nationwide.  Her mindfulness-based resiliency program has been successfully implemented by healthcare companies, volunteer and service organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, corporations and more. See below for a sample of Tina’s clients and partners.

Whether speaking to 1, 10, 100 or 1000, Tina Staley captivates. Tina has the uncanny ability to bring the good to light, even in the most desperate situations; she teaches all of us to “flip our thoughts” and get back to the positive. I often find myself quoting Tina in my home life and work life; her messages persist.”
— Dr. Amy Abernethy, Chief Medical Officer, Flatiron Health