End-of-Life Counseling

One of the greatest blessings Tina has been given in her career is to work with individuals who are facing end of life. This is one of the most challenging, thought-provoking and unknown times of our lives.

Many of the tools Tina has created originated from her work with end-of-life, whether it was helping others turn their fears into acceptance and love, focusing on quality-of-life moments or realizing that we can still have goals and purpose, even at the end.

You will learn signature tools that help you work through your greatest concerns, reflect on where your life had purpose and meaning, express your wishes for your last days and learn to live every moment to the end.

“One of the best groups I have ever been to, and I am not a group person. It was a friendly environment where they made it easy to articulate thoughts about End Of Life. I realized death didn’t have to be so dark.”
— Linda Lee Law, Workshop Participant

The End-of-Life Tools

The Reflection Tools

For Creating a Legacy

The Reflection Tools teaches us how to reflect on where our life had/has value, purpose, meaning and fun.  It shows us how to create a legacy for ourselves that can be passed on and shared with others.


The Facing Our Fears Tools

For Turning Fears Into Resources

Facing our fears at end of life helps us to recognize our common fears around death and dying. It also allows us to turn these fears into resourceful expectations, acceptance and peace of mind. It frees us to live in the moment and be kinder to ourself and others.


The End-of-Life Goals Tools

For Living Fully & With Purpose

One the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to keep living as fully as possible until the end. These tools teach you how to create reasonable goals and get them accomplished. You can have a sense of purpose and accomplishment until your last day.

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