The Power of Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

It seems like I am reminded of acts of kindness in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times. I have come to the conclusion that while many acts of kindness are planned, many also fit the random category, meaning unplanned, last minute. When I show random acts to others, it lifts my spirits and makes me feel good, but I have to admit that when I see random acts of kindness that someone else is doing for others, no matter how big or small, it continues to surprise me.

What I have noticed is that small acts of kindness create the same connection as big ones,—good feelings between people. And, they are so easy to do.

Recently at the airport, I noticed a man with a large duffle bag, simultaneously holding a small child and trying to get a cart using his credit card. It just wasn’t working, and he was seriously juggling, finally giving up on the attempt to remove the cart. A woman nearby came over, put in her credit card and then delivered the cart to him. She expected nothing in return, and when I complimented her on this gracious act, she was surprised someone had noticed. It was a small gesture—a few dollars on her credit card, a minute of her time—but I guarantee you it meant a lot to the person she helped.

It made me realize how much opportunity is out there for random acts of kindness and that I needed to do more. It also made me aware of what a planned, more significant act of kindness could do. So, my plan is to send more of both out into the universe. Care to join me?