The Kindness in Action Tools

Denver counselor, Tina Staley has created a series of tools which can be used together to reduce stress, improve life balance, communicate effectively, create kinder environments, and much more. Tina presents these tools to groups during personalized workshops nationwide, and to patients in one-on-one and couples counseling sessions.


The 12 Tools for Living With Purpose & Connection

Below you can find more information about the 12 Kindness in Action tools which are the core of Tina’s workshops and individual sessions. Each tool is created to create more purpose and connection in your life. 



The Connection Tools


The Connection Tools give you a visual perspective of who is in your support network, whether it is a friend, family member, colleague, community organization or other entity. This tool will help you to identify where you can access support, ask for help and feel more connected to others. 



The Stress Reduction Tools

For being mindful of our mental state

Use this five-question mindfulness tool to help you regulate stress and increase your calm by becoming more mindful of thoughts, behaviors and triggers. You will learn how to bounce back from life's challenges, find your own solutions and make better choices. 



The Relaxation & Visualization Tools

For Regrouping in a moment of anxiety

This series of tools shows you how to quiet your thinking mind and find calm during stressful moments. These invaluable tools also help you to discover your inner strengths, empowering you to move forward.


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The Life Balance Tools

For finding balance & calm

The Life Balance Tools gives you a visual perspective on how you are spending your waking hours. You will discover which areas of your life are consuming your thoughts more than necessary and how to take immediate steps to feel more balanced, present and calm. 



The Dialogue Tools

For communicating more effectively

This series of tools allows you to identify your personal communication propensity, choose more effective language and learn to pause and think first. You will improve your interpersonal relationships by inquiring and listening to increase understanding. 



The Morning Thoughts Tool

For Starting Your Day in the Best Possible Way

The Morning Thoughts Tool allows you to begin each day by focusing in a positive direction. You may have worries and concerns about your day, or just not feeling your best. These concerns are understandable, but the goal is to become conscious of your thoughts and how they're making you feel. 


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The End-of-Life Tools

For Finding Purpose & Meaning

The End-of-Life tools help you to work through your greatest concerns, reflect on where your life had purpose and meaning, express your wishes for your last days and learn to live every moment to the end.