The Five-Question Tool

Below you will find Tina Staley’s Five-Question Tool, an exercise which will help you regulate stress, build resiliency, stay productive and find solutions that work for you.

These days, we hear a lot about destructive emotions and behaviors, and how they negatively impact our professional and personal lives. We are told to be more positive and let go of negative thinking.

However, it is often impossible to stop fearful or anxious thoughts from coming. We may feel judgmental or angry with someone or something. We may simply be overwhelmed by too much responsibility at work while trying to handle our finances and stressors at home. We are looking to address whatever it is that causes you stress.

The most important thing each of us can do is to be mindful of our mental state and focus our awareness on the present moment. We do this by being conscious of our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviors. This skill – mindfulness – is what we’re focusing on in the Five-Question Tool.

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Simply click on the graphic below to download a printable version of the Five-Question Tool.