Your workshop was incredible. Oh. My. Gosh. I arrived preoccupied and breathless with panic over all the work I had to do later in the day, and you immediately took the knot out of my stomach. From the first cleansing breath in the opening meditation, I knew it was a special space. Your exercises (charting the highs & lows, negative core beliefs, inner strengths, etc.) were unique and reflective in a way that had me seeing my life in a totally different way. How did that happen in only a few hours? Jeez: you are AMAZING at what you do!
— Rachel Greenwald, Workshop Participant
It was so wonderful to meet you last month in Snowmass for Community Conversations. I could not have asked for a better presentation to kick off AREDAY’s first Community Conversations. You brought such an amazing sense of self-awareness as well as sense of community to the stage. Thank you so much for your presence and your work.
— Taylor K. Barry, Development Associate, American Renewable Energy Institute
“The Kindness Workshops have been an uplifting reminder to take the time to be kind to others and to ourselves. This brings positivity both to our community as well as our workplace. Tina uses real life examples and interactive activities to engage the group and bring people together.”
— Emily Westra, The Denver Agency/Account Executive
“I’ve learned so much from Tina over the years as a clinician and a person. But none more important than the value of love. She taught me that everything in life boils down to love of self, others, community, and just being present.”
— Renea, Duke University Social Worker
“I thoroughly enjoyed your talk to the Chamber of Commerce this morning and am so inspired by your message. You are incredibly inspirational and such a powerful and motivating speaker. I truly believe your message can change the way people think and act. Thank you!!!!!”
— Jodi Sorensen, Denver Resident
“There are few people in the world who will be able to help you like Tina Staley. On a scale of 1-10, she gets an 11. There is no recommendation high enough for Tina. She is off-the-charts good at her job. If you have ever had the good luck to work with Tina Staley, you know what the definition of good luck is. The word trust was invented to describe Tina Staley. Whatever your problem is, it’s not as big as you think. At least not after you’ve talked about it with Tina Staley. Tina is the best at what she does in the world. There is nothing more to say.”
— Cal Fussman, Journalist & Author
“Just finished watching “What Love Is.” It’s a masterpiece. And the message and mission is more important than ever. Wow. Thank you for creating it. You are amazing.”
— Carole Segal, Founder of Crate & Barrel
“It is quite interesting how you can bring such a diverse group together and have them become a community of kindness.”
— Brandon Lake
“I was moved by Tina’s presentation. Tina’s action steps for kindness is a message that everyone needs to hear.”
— John Barry, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver/CEO
“I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing! I was very impressed—you had very interesting content, and I like what you’re suggesting with your Action Steps. I think it’s a real contribution—putting people into a giving mindset. You handled the group very professionally and held everyone’s interest. You’re great!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
— Kathy Finley, Denver Resident
“I count myself one of the lucky ones. I survived my cancer, the death of my marriage and then the rebirth of something extraordinary. My life is amazing because I had Tina to guide me through the darkness. Thank you Tina. I feel so blessed to have had you walking beside me these many months.”
— Donna S., Client
“Thank you for speaking this morning [at the Chamber Meeting]. It was great! I always try to be kind every day, but realize that even the best of us could always do more! You are an amazing woman...and a very relaxed and effective speaker!!”
— Janet Robinson
“We are all so grateful to you for the amazing presentation you gave and all of the work you are doing to make Colorado kinder! It has been such a joy getting to know you!”
— Conor Hall, Program Coordinator of Community Partnerships/ Office of Governor John W. Hickenlooper
“I wanted to thank you for the presentation. It was great how you tied Kindness into the work that we do. Good luck this year and keep doing the great work you do.”
— Chanin Strassburger, Professional Development and Quality Coordinator
“Thank you so much for setting the tone for our program last night! We received a lot of positive and uplifting feedback from our volunteers about you. You sure did WOW the crowd.”
— Ebony Baines, Manager of Volunteer Engagement
“I wanted to thank you for your presence last night and the great message to our volunteers and staff. I truly appreciate your understanding of the importance of a strong volunteer program and their impact on the lives that we are so honored to be a part of. AND, the importance of them taking care of themselves.”
— Bruce Kemper, Denver Hospice and Palliative Care/Director of Operational Support
“Tina, you did a fabulous job! Many speakers do not have the talent to interact in a variety of ways with the audience, and you blended them all in a cohesive and inviting style. Of course, your loving heart and expertise on kindness is a given. Thank you for touching my life!”
— Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert, Courageous Leadership | Global Speaker | Courage Coaching
“My wife, Rhoda, and I enjoyed your talk last evening to the Hospice volunteers. You were Inspirational!”
— George Guerin
“Thank you for a meaningful presentation. The feedback in the room was very positive.”
— Kimberly Harper, NASW WYOMING/Executive Director
“Whether speaking to 1, 10, 100 or 1000, Tina Staley captivates. Tina has the uncanny ability to bring the good to light, even in the most desperate situations; she teaches all of us to “flip our thoughts” and get back to the positive. I often find myself quoting Tina in my home life and work life; her messages persist.”
— Amy Abernethy, Flatiron Health: Chief Medical Officer
“Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful presentation. It was refreshing and inspiring. I am very grateful for you to take the time and help us learn. I’ve been actively thinking about remembering your words and potential actions to do each day.”
— Jeanie Youngwerth, MD, FAAHPM University of Colorado/Associate Professor of Medicine
“One of the best groups I have ever been to, and I am not a group person. It was a friendly environment where they made it easy to articulate thoughts about End Of Life. I realized death didn’t have to be so dark.”
— Linda Lee Law
“Thank you for your meaningful presentation on Kindness. I especially liked the idea of starting a tough conversation with kindness.”
— Monica Johnson, Volunteer, Palliative Care
“I felt so much love when I walked into the room…. Thank you for spreading such positive thoughts into this life.”
— Maree Chavez, Owner of Hair People Cherry Creek
“You were absolutely inspiring! Thank you for speaking!”

— Christine Des Enfants, Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce/Executive Director
“Tina helped us to train our mind to go outside the situation we were in and find inner peace.”
— Melinda M., Client
“Tina, you were wonderful. Apart from the obvious, I learned numerous new approaches to thorny questions from you. Thanks for your warm, caring, imaginative self. ‘Twas lastingly lovely to meet you. Keep on keeping on.”
— Ann Weaver, Workshop Participant
“Thanks so much for you presentation yesterday – it was great, so appreciate you and the work you are doing!”
— Lorez Meinhold, Senior Policy Director
“An absolutely great interview [with Rocky Mountain PBS]! What a gift, to make such a difference in people’s lives at a time that it means the most when they are going through such difficult and frightening times. Brava, Tina! It is not easy to break through the biases of medical tradition and broaden medical care concepts to include a more complete approach for, not only the patient, but their caregivers too. We need more empathetic people like Tina.”
— Donna Lee Wilkinson, Florida Resident
“Tina is truly one of Earth’s Angels. Her heart is pure, and it is evident that higher powers guide her actions. Tina touches everyone around her with kindness, love, and caring. I am one of the very lucky ones who know her as a colleague and more importantly, a dear friend.”
— Sophia Smith, Associate Professor, Duke University School of Nursing