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Tools for creating positive change.


The Kindness Action Network (KAN) is a program that has been developed over several decades. Tina Staley has worked closely with individuals at all stages of life in order to understand what exactly creates the highest quality of life possible.


You Can Become a KAN Facilitator!

Tina is offering a training course focused on the 12-Step Kindness Tool. KAN Facilitators get an in-depth understanding of the KAN tools in order to teach them to individuals and groups in their communities.  

The Kindness Tool is made up of 12 steps to create a daily consciousness around kindness and get the positive results we need at home, in the workplace and in the community. This tool helps us to be kinder to ourselves and others, and make better choices so that we can become happier, healthier and more productive. 

What The KAN Facilitator Course Includes:

  • Learn and experience the 12-Step Kindness Tool 
  • Get familiar with current research which supports the tool
  • Receive the KAN Facilitator Kit, which shows you how to start a Kindness Action Network (KAN) Group in your community 
  • Visualization and relaxation videos to be used in your KAN groups
  • Membership in an online community with Tina, her staff and other KAN Facilitators
  • Regular communications from Tina with consciousness reminders, prompts and quotes to keep your community engaged

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